Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

Minimum costs for participating in our community are the minimum costs for renting a desk in Nijlicht. This starts at 80hrs per quarter. Read more about our pricing »

How does it work?

After you register with MOI Offshore Energy we’ll contact you as soon as possible. When you decide to rent a desk or office you’ll receive your key-pass so you’ll be able to use all of our facilities whenever you like. You can book your own desk or meeting room in advance via our online booking module. You can make an hourly or daily reservation. Coffee, tea, electricity and wifi is available for free, soda is available in the canteen for a fee.

For large and private events of Groningen Seaports we will offer our fall-back desks, these are available on the 3rd floor. This will be announced ahead of time in our online booking tool. You will not be able to book your regular desk during those events, but instead you can book the desks on the 3rd floor.

Can anyone participate?

Our community focusses primarily on companies that have an interest in or are developing or innovating in Offshore Energy. We recently decided to expand this focus towards companies that facilitate these companies. Want to know if you fit the profile?  Contact us!

How can I get advice?

Within our community we’ll connect you to interesting startup financing and boosting programs like Startup Assist or Flinc (NOM). You can also be linked to established companies so we can all profit from a healthy and innovative startup climate.

What kind of activities are being organized?

Groningen Seaports hosts and organizes interesting meetings and guided tours all starting in or around Nijlicht building. As a community member you’ll automatically be invited to all open events. We also offer a monthly informal get-together where we share our network and knowledge with NNOW (Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind Group).

What is Groningen Innovation Port?

Under the name of Groningen Innovation Port, we are launching all kinds of initiatives that should ultimately lead to creating an extensive testing facility, allowing start-ups and established companies to benefit from sharing their knowledge, innovations and network. For example we want to facilitate a testing windmill where all kinds of exercises and tests can take place. We also want to set up a test facility on the Nijlicht site where start-ups and companies can try out their new techniques and innovations.

My question is not listed!
Is your question not listed? Please, feel free to contact us!